Friday, December 19, 2008

Prop 8 Defenders Bring Out Big Gun

Kenneth Starr to represent Proposition 8's official proponents

Today, December 19, is the deadline for the briefs of the defenders of the validity of Proposition 8 to be filed in the California Supreme Court. - Yes on 8 has announced in a press release that Pepperdine Dean Kenneth W. Starr (remember him from his stint as Special Prosecutor in Whitewater/Monica Lewinsky affair?) will be representing the official ballot proponents in the state supreme court both defending Prop 8's validity (no surprise on that ground) and arguing that Prop 8 also doesn't allow California to continue to treat the same-sex couples married before the election as married (also no surprise, given statements on the Yes on 8 web site, even though the official ballot title and language were not nearly so clear about this kind of retroactive effect).

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